What do you think about Elohim God?[ Christ Ahnsahnghong, “God the Mother”]

Posted: 03/17/2015 in God the Father, God the mother
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The Bible consistently testifies about ” God the Mother “ from Revelation to Genesis.  Even from all the creatures on the earth and the prophesies of the Bible, “God the Mother” definitely exists. (Ge. 1:26~27, Rev. 22:17, Gal. 4:26)  Please enter the kingdom of heaven by receiving the true blessing of salvation from the church of God where they believe God the Father” and “God the Mother” according to the Bible prophecies.


God the Father and God the Mother are Savior.

“Need to show me the existence of God and i trust him!”
Atheists or people who do not believe in God, used to say to them “lets believe in God”.

Even those who believe in God, do not believe in God just the eyes see .
There are who believes in the existence of God through the creation of God in the Universe.
God without seeing it is already believed in the existence of God.

Thomas doubted the resurrection of Jesus to see and touch the wounds of suffering Jesus “blessed believers do not see,” he said. Evidence about ‘faith’ for the ‘invisible things’ the apostle Paul.

Actual eyes to see ‘check’, but ‘faith’ can not be called

What do you think ?
To prove the existence of God for the existence of God, what do you think?


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